Lead On - Real people, real skills, real life

Welcome to Lead On Australia - Youth in your community

Lead On Australia is a youth and community development organisation which aims to strengthen relationships between young people and the broader community.

We facilitate the local delivery of youth focused projects and initiatives, providing young people with practical skills, experiences and community connections to prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

To achieve these aims Lead On provides young people with opportunities to learn, mature and forge their own path in an environment where their opinions and contributions are valued.

We connect the broader community with the delivery of these projects, exposing youth to the opportunities that exist in their community.

Our programs can be tailored to suit communities both big and small, and can be scaled to a state or national level and are designed to follow a path of progressive development of youth.

These projects have been supported by partners from the business, community and government sectors and many participants have gone on to achieve great things, crediting Lead On for playing an important role in their readiness for success.