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Community Door is a community and youth development program that facilitates the participation of young people in businesses and community groups by connecting them to local boards and committees.

Community Door builds the capacity of communities by investing time and skill development in young people. The more we can equip and prepare them for the future, the better the long-term prospects of the communities which choose to get involved. As well as building a sense of purpose and commitment to community for the young people involved, it will also build a new awareness of the value of youth participation for the boards and committees.

Community Door is a long-term strategy, with young people contributing to their communities through business and community groups 20 years earlier than the traditional age of entry in to board or committee representation.

The program also provides communities and participants with the following benefits;

  • Encourages youth to participate in their communities
  • Gives youth a voice in local matters
  • Prepares young people for future leadership roles
  • Fosters a supply of skilled future board and committee members
  • Increases the sustainability of rural and regional areas
  • Establishes sustainable communities and builds capacity through youth engagement
  • Raises a deeper awareness of decision-making issues
  • Increases awareness of effective youth participation and mentoring practices
  • Gives boards and committees a fresh perspective on youth issues
  • Develops new networks and community-mentoring processes.

Currently the Community Door program is running in Bendigo with the support of the Bendigo Student Association from LaTrobe University with a view to extending it to more communities at a later date.

Click here to download a copy of the Community Door Booklet.

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in taking part in the Community Door program in Bendigo, you can download a application form here and email it to

For any queries on how your community could become involved in Community Door, please feel free to contact Lead On Australia.